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Family Ties Family Lies

Coming January 30, 2024

It’s not easy keeping secrets in a small town.

Rose Webster is facing down her fortieth birthday and worrying about her future as a photojournalist after getting caught in a raucous rally and shoved to the hard pavement, destroying her camera and, at least temporarily, her livelihood. One arm is in a splint, her right hand isn’t strong enough to hold a cup of coffee, and bruised ribs make it difficult to breathe. She’s filling out insurance claims when her aunt calls to tell her she’s needed in upstate New York to care for her ailing mother.

Rose has never liked returning to Lake Amelia in the foothills of the Adirondacks for more than a couple of days, but she has no choice. Doctors discover Rose’s mother has more health issues than anyone suspected, and Rose needs to help care for her. While poking around in the attic of her childhood home, Rose discovers personal items of her late father’s that hint of a secret life: a photo hidden in a book and a travel bag that hasn’t been opened in twelve years.

Rose’s next startling discovery sends shockwaves through her family. She’s more determined than ever to find answers no matter the cost. But will she regret what she learns and how it changes the way she thinks about family?

Her Past Can’t Wait

No one can hide from their past forever.

After Emily Archer slaps an important client for groping her, she begins working with a psychotherapist to understand the anger and frustration that have been building inside of her. Using a treatment called EMDR, Emily peels back the layers of her memory and reveals a devastating childhood trauma she’d buried deep in her subconscious.

Emily’s past and present collide as she struggles to absorb this new knowledge. Realizing the person who betrayed her trust may be targeting others, she teams up with her sister to prevent him from harming anyone else. But can they stop him in time?

Her Past Can’t Wait is a gripping psychological thriller about resilient women fighting back, protecting each other, and healing.

Praise for Her Past Can’t Wait

Her Past Can’t Wait is a scathing commentary on how society treats women when they do something as simple as trying to set physical boundaries. Gut-wrenching, intriguing, and twisty, Boulden’s thought-provoking story lays bare just how far we have to go as a society when it comes to believing and protecting women.”
—Lisa Regan, USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author

“The World Health Organization singles out Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as one of the top ‘evidence-based treatments of choice’ for PTSD. In her fast-paced and absorbing novel, Her Past Can’t Wait, Jacqueline Boulden illuminates the courageous and timely story of a woman facing her traumatic past and how EMDR eased her suffering. A must-read for all trying to live like the past is in the past, when it’s actually still buried in their subconscious.”
—Donna Knudsen, Psy.D., EMDR Institute Facilitator & Certified Consultant
“Boulden tackles the topic of sexual assault with great care and empathy while exploring the possible benefits of EMDR as a form of trauma therapy.… An engrossing tale about sexual assault that skillfully covers a tough and timely topic.”
Kirkus Reviews
“An accomplished news journalist, author Jacqueline Boulden has applied her keen observation and reporting skills to telling a powerful story too many women know well, and one woman in particular must remember in order to live in peace.”
—Renée Bess, GCLS Goldie Award & Alice B Readers Award-winning author

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